Blink-182 is an American rock band consisting of bass guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Travis Barker. With their original drummer Scott Raynor, Blink-182 produced their debut album Chesire Cat. Drummer Raynor was replaced by Barker midway during the 1998 tour.

The band then achieved greater success with the 1999's album Enema of the State, which reached number nine on the Billboard 200, riding the strength of the two singles "What's My Age Again?" and "All the Small Things". "All the Small Things" became the highest-charting song of their career by reaching number six on the Billbaord Hot 100.

Blink-182 gained popularity for their sense of humor and the follow-up album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, released in 2001, reached number one in the United States, Canada, and Germany. In 2003, Blink-182 released Blink-182 which was a stylistic shift for the group, which included new elements into their usual pop punk formula which resulted in a more mature style.

In 2005, Tom DeLonge left the band, causing an indefinite hiatus, and went on to form Angels & Airwaves, while Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker formed +44. Hoppus started his career as a television host, while Barker continued his work as a music producer and a solo artist. Blink-182 reunited in February 2009, and released their sixth studio album, Neighborhoods, on September 27, 2011.

History Edit

1992-1993 Edit

In the summer of 1992, Hoppus moved to San Diego and was reunited with his sister. Hoppus oftentimes expressed the disire to be in a band. His sister, Anne, attended Rancho Bernado High School, where she became friends with a new student, DeLonge, who had also expressed his desire to be in a band. In August of 1992, Anne introduced DeLonge to her brother Hoppus, the two would play for hours in DeLonge's garage, showing each other songs that they had previously written and writing new songs together. The two decided they needed to officially start a band, so DeLonge recruited Scott Raynor, and the three began playing together calling themselves Duck Tape, until DeLonge thought of the name Blink.

The band would practice often, which enraged Hoppus's girlfriend, resulting in her telling him he had to choose between her and the band, so he had left the band as it was starting. DeLonge later informed Hoppus that he had borrowed a 4-track from a friend and that he and Raynor were using it to make a demo tape. After hearing this, Hoppus decided that he would leave his girlfriend and would return to the band. The demo tape, which they titled Flyswatter, was recorded in Raynor's bedroom and resulted in poor sound quality. The same year, the band had recorded another demo tape titled Demo #2. Demo #2 featured re-recordings of a few songs off of Flyswatter, some of which would be re-rocorded and re-released on the albums Budda, Chesire Cat, and Dude Ranch.

1994–1998 Edit

Eventually, Blink-182 signed to a record label named Cargo Music, with which they release their first full-length album, Cheshire Cat. Cheshire Cat was recorded in three days and was fueled by both new songs and re-recordings of songs from previous demos. "M+M's" and "Wasting Time" were released as singles, but both songs failed to make it on the charts. Although the album never made a large impact, it is cited by bands and fans as an iconic release.

Shortly after the release of Cheshire Cat, the band was threatened with legal action by an Irish pop band with the same name. To avoid issues with the law, the band added "182" to the end of their name. In 1994, the band had released a split EP titled Short Bus. The band released the three track EP They Came to Conquer... Uranus the next year. The band then moved to Encinitas, California, where they recorded their second album, Dude Ranch, which was produced by Mark Trombino. Blink-182 recorded the album under Cargo Records, but did well on U.S. modern rock charts, so they signed with MCA in 1998 in order to handle increased distribution. The album was released in 1997 and was relatively successful, selling 1.5 million copies wordwide. The single "Dammit" became on of Blink-182's biggest hits, and the band received a small amount of mainstream success.

With the success of Dude Ranch, Blink-182 went on multiple worldwide tours during 1997 and 1998. Midway through a U.S tour in 1998, Scott Raynor was asked to leave the band. Mark and Tom asked Travis Barker of their supporting band The Aquabats to fill in for Raynor for the remainder of the tour. He was later offered the position of a full-time drummer and left The Aquabats. In October of 1998, the band entered the studio to begin work on what would become their breakthrough album, Enema of the State.

1999–2004 Edit

After the production of Enema of the State with new producer Jerry Finn, the album was released in June of 1999 and became a huge success. The singles, "What's My Age Again?", "All the Small Things", and "Adam's Song", lead to an incredible amount of airtime on music video channels, bringing the channel to a new audience. The band's popularity soared to new horizons and the band made a cameo in the teen movie American Pie. A home video titled the Urethra Chronicles featured behind-the-scenes information and was released in November of 1999. Enema of the State would go on to sell over 15 million copies, solidifying Blink-182 as one of the biggest pop punk acts of the era.

A live album based on tracks recorded in November 1999, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!), was released in November 2000. Although the album's name references the highly publicized summer tour of 2000, the albm was actually recorded on the Loserkids Tour. The album quickly went out of print, and two singles were released from the album, the sole studio track "Man Overboard" and a live version of "Dumpweed".

The band continued their success with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, released in 2001, which featured a small change from their direction of Enema of the State. the album sold more than 350,000 copies in the first week. It contains the hit singles "The Rock Show", "First Date", and "Stay Together for the Kids". The album has sold more than 14.5 million records worldwide, while going double platinum in the US. The album was released on three different CDs: yellow, red, and green versions, each one featured two unique bonus tracks. A European tour in winter 2001, which was delayed and rescheduled to early 2002. The dates in 2002 were also canceled due to Tom's back problems. In 2001, Mark's sister released a book about the genesis of the band, entitled Blink-182: Tales From Beneath Your Mom. In summer of 2002, Blink-182 co-headlined the Pop Disaster Tour with American punk rock band Green Day. The tour was documented on the DVD Riding in Vans with Boys.

During time off from the band, Tom and Travis formed a side project entitled Box Car Racer with David Kennedy of Hazen Street]]. The band was created to experiment with darker ideas which they claimed where not "Blink-friendly", the band recorded and released their debut album Box Car Racer in May 2002. Travis was later invited invited to join rap rock outfit Transplants and accepted, with the band's debut album being released in October 2002. After finishing up the side-projects near Christmas of 2002, the band then regrouped and began production of their next album.

The band had rented a house in San Diego to record the album, which had taken much longer than they had expected, which caused the band to be kicked out of the house before they had finished the album. While previous albums took less than three months to record, the new album would take the band nearly all of 2003 to complete.

Blink-182's fifth studio album was release on November 18, 2003 though Geffen Records, which was the band's first album with the label. The album was successful and receive favorable reviews from music critics, who had praised the band's new direction and sound. The album had represented a more "mature" Blink-182, than seen in the past.

Shortly before the release of Blink-182 the went on the DollaBill tour, where they played ten shows throughout the US and one in Canada. Barker broke his right foot after a gig in Australia in March of 2004, which forced the band to cancel several shows there and in Japan. In summer of 2004, Blink-182 toured with No Doubt. Two singles from Blink-182, "Down" and "Always", were release during 2004.

Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • Mark Hoppus – bass guitar, vocals (1992–2005, 2009–present)
  • Tom DeLonge – guitar, vocals (1992–2005, 2009–present)
  • Travis Barker – drums, percussion (1998–2005, 2009–present)

Former Members Edit

  • Scott Raynor drums, percussion (1992–1998)